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A free health check in which we analyse the performance of your affiliates, based on multi-touch attribution

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Free Affiliate Health Check

Multi-Touch Attribution based insights

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Get to see the performance of your affiliate channel, based on multi-touch attribution. You will get actionable insights into the performance of your publishers. 

Easy Technical Setup

Odyssey Partnerships connects to your Google Analytics account. All you need to do is share access and Odyssey will be able to extract the raw data from your Google Analytics account.

What to expect from the Health Check

The Health Check is 100% free and you also don't need to share payment information. You'll get insights from one of our product specialists and after that there is no commitment. 

30 days of historical data

The health check is designed to provide you with actionable insights.

How does Multi-touch Affiliate Marketing Work?

For multi-touch affiliate marketing, we have to measure every touchpoint in the customer journey. Also the not-affiliate ones, like paid search and social. Then, we calculate the incremental value of each touchpoint and pay the publishers accordingly.

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What our friends say

"At Transavia Dichtbij we're a platform full of inspiration, which means that we're mainly active in the beginning of the customer journey. This fits perfectly in Odyssey Partnerships' vision of rewarding all touchpoints in the customer journey based on their incrementality."

Nico Gielen
Transavia Dichtbij

"We believe that affiliate marketing based on multi-touch attribution, like Odyssey Partnerships does, is the only way forward.”

Jesper Elders
Online Marketing Manager Decathlon Nederland

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